3 Reason’s Why People Go To Concerts


Touring and festival season is upon us! I thought this would be a great time to discuss why people go to live shows. The three biggest reasons why people go to shows are to see their favorite bands play, experience the culture of concert going or festivals, and to hear the music live.

The most obvious reason why someone would to a show is because they are a fan of the band that is playing. They want to be able to see who is behind the music that listen to on a regular basis. It’s almost like getting validation that this person who makes this music that speaks to you and that you love is actually real and not just a figment of their imagination. Having the person that they look up to be right in front of them humanizes the music. Fans get the connection with the band, a connection that makes the fan not feel like just a random fan but someone who is on the same level as the band. Going to live shows brings fans closer to the acts that they love and admire.

The second reason people go to concerts or festivals is to experience the culture. Think of Bonnaroo, fans are camping out for several days just to hangout and listen to some good music. There are thousands of strangers all around you who are there for similar reasons. Strangers that you actually have something in common with and you can bond over that. Nothing connects people the way that music does and festivals or concerts let fans interact with each other. It’s a really amazing to see fans bond over music.

My favorite reason for going to a concert is hearing the music live. Nothing is more real than when you get to hear the song that you know forward and backwards live. It really brings the music to life and fans get to experience the raw emotional connection with the music. Live music isn’t filtered, altered or over produced; it’s pure emotion that, when it hits you just right, it elevates you on a spiritual level. Regardless of how fans listen to music, streaming, CD, vinyl, etc. the way a song sounds live is completely different. There is no hiding a missed note, no do-overs; it’s all in the moment. “Music has the knack for attaching itself to certain memories-or even mental states.” There is nothing like hearing a song live. When it hits you, it hits you to your core. It’s raw and pure; nothing feels as amazing as hearing live music.

Everyone has their own reasons for going to live shows; see a band, bond with strangers, be taken to a higher spiritual level, or some other reason that I didn’t discuss in this article. Music is such an amazing thing. It is the one thing that can completely control how the listener feels. It’s a great way to escape and live shows let fans escape even more. For that allotted time, it’s just them and their favorite band; it’s just them and the music that means more to them than anything. There’s nothing more amazing than experiencing music live.